Section 1 - final challange

As best as I could understand, I was just supposed to make something interesting (possibly 2 or three things). I started with synthesizer. I was thinking of doing an entire Yamaha U1 upright piano, but I realised that that was getting carried away for my beginner skill level.

I’m getting used to the interface. Sometimes something strange will happen, like I won’t be able to select items until I click outside the window and then back in, or I’ll be trying to scroll to zoom and the timeline starts scrolling, or something will disappear like the icon to click on to come in and out of camera mode, or the little star icon that lets me select to align with the X, Y or Z axis.

My laptop, while being a very nice computer, it’s really designed for high-end graphics work or gaming, so that might be an issue. The CPU is: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz × 8 and the GPU is: Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2). It has 16 Gig of RAM.

anyway, here if my keyboard:


Nicely done practice item.
The more you use Blender the more it will become second nature on the common controls.


In the beginning, I had those experiences also. But it’s mostly user error, unaware of the inner workings of Blender.

  • Your mouse hover over a panel, which is then identified by blender. Giving keystroke commands can be different for each panel (mostly not, but …). So if you are unaware of where your mouse cursor is, Blender will or not respond to keystrokes. Or does a command which you are unaware of.
  • Some commands need more info, but you forget to do them. Like the mesh EXTRUDE ‘e’ command. Always expecting to move the extruded object (part).

Just practice, and in doubt ask here.

Don’t stay too long at a project, how much fun it looks. Because there are more functions to be learned to make this process faster and better manageble.

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Awesome Job.

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That mouse over a panel thing might be causing some confusion.

Yesterday, actually, something strange happened when I was playing with the sliders on the material properties. One wasn’t really responding when I tried to adjust it, and then suddenly is started jumping back and forth like mad, and the main part of the display with my model started jumping back and forth between two views. I could not kill Blender and eventually had to force reboot the computer to break out of that.

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Well, that is also odd.

When working with the material nodes (which can have sliders), is putting Blender hard to work.
If you start to build materials, using material nodes. Combining vonoroi textures and others.
You CPU (blender) can be hard to follow your changes because blender must do a lot of work.
Especially on slower machines. You need to give Blender some time to respond before tweaking an other option. But it totally depends on your machine AND the complexity of your material setup.

I use an 8 year old laptop (Win7, Core i7). And working with somewhat more complex materials, blender is struggling and I hate working with that part of blender. So I keep everything simple.

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That’s probably the case. Mine is pretty new, but I’m a programmer, so I don’t have it fully optimised for that kind of thing. I don’t even try to run newer games on it. I can’t even run Portal 2 without it overheating.

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