Section 1 - Challenges

Hello everyone,

I’m really liking the lectures so far. You guys are doing a great job!
Seems well structured and easy to follow. I also like that the player has the speed adjustment. I have it running at 1.25 mostly for now, but I’m sure even slowing it down comes in handy in future lectures.
I’ll put all of what I’ve been working on within the section in this post. I had troubles logging here and now don’t recall at which step every challenge was :sweat_smile:

First challenge (making a well, staircase, etc).

I tried a wooden japanese style well… kinda. It got a bit wonky at the roof and the planes on top are intersecting, because I didn’t know how to make a trapezium shape.

For the 3 point lighting challenge, I tried to make a model a lantern from my living room. That’s the first thing I thought of when thinking of using additional light source aside from the lighting rig.

The top one is the original. I had to alter my model a bit, because I couldn’t create some of the shape with the current knowledge, but I think it looks quite similar.
I also replaced the ornament with Suzanne’s :smile:

For the final changed we should make more random models, so I added our tv-lowboard and a picture frame ^^

When scaling cylinders on top of each other for fun, I thought this might make a rainbow. Which was the spark to my last ‘scenery’ for this challenge: “Rainbowland”.

The rainbow turned out as the least aesthetic thing in this scene at the end :laughing:
I really like how the houses and trees, which look like a fusion of watermelon and lollipops, turned out.