Section 1 Challenge

Im in the 14th lesson where we have to use what we learned so far, i (tried to) did a little Low-Poly
Slave Knight Gael, but in this one i did something weird bcs my camera stop zooming and moving, any idea why is that happening?


Not quite sure what you mean. If you can describe in a little more detail somebody here can probably help you out.

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You probably just need to reset the zoom level. To do that, select your focus object (ie: the Knight) and hit [DecPoint] (number pad dot)

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thanks for the advice, gotta check it tomorrow, to see if that’s the problem :smiley:

sure, i was placing the debris behind Gael and im not sure if i press something or what, but suddenly i couldn’t move with shift+wheel button or zoom to see the model closer, it only allowed me using the first person camera

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