Section 02 - Mid-section Challenge: Minotaur Camp

My Section 02-Mid Challenge went a little bit long/arduous. That’s the challenge where the instructors made a little farm.

I had a larger idea in mind than a camp (wanted to a sampling of Thunder Bluff), but I got caught up in the weeds. I first made little minotaur people in order to make sure my buildings/set dressing were to a decent scale.

Tried to give the ropes a concave up appearance, but I don’t know if we’ve learned to do that by this point, as I couldn’t make it look good. Ended up scrapping all of that work and going back to a straight diagonal.

Had to use 1x1 cubes as a way to guide the extrusion to the proper diagonal with vector snapping in order to get it consistent on each wedge of the cone. Otherwise, invariably, the extrusion would never land where I wanted it to in the 3D space.

Also, trying to make the bottoms of my objects touch the origin on the z-axis has been a struggle for me as well.

Beyond all the complaining above, it was still a fun time, and I’m enjoying the course. Spent from 5pm until about 3am on this.

The Farm part was just from following along with Lecture 026, and then I added my minotaurs for fun.


Really good extra practice and good ideas with the Minotaurs.

I should try not to do too much beyond what you have learnt in the course as it is easy to get frustrated and lose a lot of time when in a few lessons something or a tool will be explained to you.
Minotaurs live in tents who would have guessed! :grin:

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Speaking of the Minotaurs, do you know if there’s an easy way to convert between feet and meters in Unity?

I utilized this image when doing my ratio’s for all the minotaur’s body parts, but since it was being measured in feet, I had to constantly create 1m x 1m cubes and then scale them in whatever direction .31x, where x is # of feet (1ft is ~.31m.)

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Maybe different Blender metrics? And scale the object acoordingly?

Also, you could ask this in the game dev forums.
Lots of people in this forum doing only Blender stuff.

No never touched a game engine let alone Unity. Can’t it just change the measurement units then like Blender?

Oof, that was a typo. I meant Blender, not Unity. Doing both courses at same time so my brain must’ve crossed wires.


Calculate the scaling factor between metrics.
Scale object using s number and apply scaling.

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