Section 01 - Final Challenge - gathering at a henge

So I mostly used meatballs in this scene… They have some different traits, are they still considered primitives?
Let me know if you think something could improve this scene, thank you!


Yes, as long you don’t transform them into meshes.

You would need that for, for example Sculpting them, correct? I tried sculpting some of the “Meatball” surfaces and it did not work…

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Yes, because if you mean by ‘meatballs’, Metaball, these object are driven by maths to merge them. You need to > Object > Convert to > Mesh. To get access to the mesh data, so you can do sculpting.

I would advice you to follow the course to learn more about Blender in general. Sculpting is a very specific procedure.

Have fun


Good scene.

Welcome to this site.

Nice subject for primitive shapes!

Meatballs have slightly different usual uses. Due to their special ability to join together. Not really much used for this sort of situation where basic spheres would be better. But there is no ‘wrong’ if it gets you the result that works.

Unless you have some other experience of 3D, on the whole, I would recommend sticking to the course at least the first time through fairly closely.

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