Secret Base

!!!! ------ INTRUDER DETECTED ------ !!!!

 !!!! ------ SYSTEMS ARMED ------ !!!!

!!! ------ SELF DESTRUCT INITIATED ------ !!!


Well, that is one way to take out the intruder! A little drastic but effective.

Rather a lot of bloom? Glow in the dark secret base? :rofl:


I love the dark moody theme

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Super dig the mech in the back. Gives off a kind of “Just walked in to a Terminator factory” vibe with the walls and scaffolding. Well done!

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Terminator Salvation vibes haha. Nice job

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Nice scene and theme.

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Nice scene. Good play with lights and black and red colours, offset with the occasional blue.

Hopefully it is not that bright out, it would be hard not to spot it :wink:

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Secret base ready to strike :slight_smile:

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