Second tank glitches and disappears from map on play!


I’m currently on Lecture 114. After creating the main menu, when I play the game from MainMenu the second tank spins and rotates before disappearing from the map. I’ve packaged the game and the bug doesn’t happen in the .exe. Is it something wrong with the Unreal editor?

I’m using a PlayStation DS4 controller on Windows 10 if that helps, using UE4.14, I’ve also pasted in links to my GitHub repo.

Would really appreciate any ideas you might have for why its doing this!



I guess I could just delete the tank and wait until we add enemy tanks with AI but I’m not sure if that would just be glossing over an underlying problem?

My tank does the same thing during play within the Unreal editor. However, as you described, the artifact is gone if I play the 64-bit .exe. I tried elevating the tank and everything. It appears to be a physics issue with the tank collision.

I’ve also noticed that my mouse motion is not working on the “BattleGround” map if I play through the main menu (either in the editor or the .exe), but if I play the level directly in the editor everything works. Granted, I am using Unreal 4.14.1.

[UPDATE] I just got to the part where Ben experienced the loss of control, and have since updated my game.

I’m having the same issue. So are others, here is a related link to a forum post on

Did anyone get to the bottom of it yet?

Ben actually fixes it later on if you continue watching the videos, if I remember correctly.

I am at 138 lecture, at which point it will be fixed ?

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