Second challenge felt a bit unfair

We were never taught that you can establish new variables inside the brackets in a new method, so the solution to the second challenge came really out of nowhere. It certainly wasn’t the first time a challenge solution wasn’t “head empty”-straightforward, but up until now they were always solvable using things we were explicitly shown before in some form.

Haven’t had any issues following along this course until now, but this lesson felt less in-depth than the rest of the course so far, and on a topic that feels like it’s really important for programming in general. Not to hate on Gary but I’m starting to miss Rick.

I highly recommend checking out the book the C# Players Guide. Whilst they do a great job here at – trying to learn C# quickly and diving into Unity is really quite challenging, and in my experience, it leads most people to copy/pasting code and not fully understanding.

The reason I suggest this book is because it is an amazing introduction to programming, C#, focuses on “games” (even though its just console/text based), and has lots of exercises (arguably the most important aspect).

Take a bit of time with C#, and you’ll be amazed and how much clearer everything is when you come back to the course. Just my 2c.


Hey, I know this is a bit late but I actually ordered the book and am currently going through it. It’s already immediately cleared up some of my confusions on C# and some of the things the lads are doing in the lecture. Kinda makes learning programming more fun, too.
So thanks for the recommendation!

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