Sec 2 Mid section Challenge

Section 2 Mid section Challenge… This took over an hour and the “Merge by Distance” does not work as I expect it too. Tried to create a one piece roof without success. I’m sure it will come with time.


At this early stage in your journey, you are just getting familiar with things and there are lots of basic things you’ll soon pick up along the way.

For example the roof… You could make a basic squished box for one (slanted) side… then loop cut (Ctrl + R) once down the middle… then GG (edge slide) and slide it up all the way to the high side, select the under face (of the slid-up loop cut), and extrude that face down - making your upside down “V” for a one piece roof.

But like I say, this will all come to you and what I’ve said above will be done easily and with little thought in less than 10 seconds.

Right now, you’re just picking up and practicing getting familiar with the user interface and beginner commands.

Good job on your barn and materials !


It is a good start building.

Merge by distance works only for verts absolutely in the same place. (There are ways to increase the range apart but should not be needed at the start.)

Just keep practicing and you can always aske the community here if you get stuck.

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