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can anyone explain what is seams?

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If you want to paint your object, like a banana.
This banana object lives in 3D space!
But the texture your painting on, or just downloaded from the web is a plain 2D bitmap.

To MAP your 3D object onto a flat 2D bitmap we’re using the technique of UV mapping.
This technique flattens your 3D object onto a 2D drawable bitmap.

The problem is where to CUT your 3D object FACES so the object can be flattened.
This is where SEAMS are used. A face edge marked as a seam gives the UV mapping routine information on how to divide the faces of the object.

If you start with the default cube, and go to the UV-map tool.
Then if you select all the faces (in edit mode), you see that the cube has already a UV map. The same for a cylinder.

For an object like a human, good UV mapping is difficult.
It has to do with, where to place the seams (mostly in places not seen by the viewer (backside). Stretching a face in 2D can deform the texture use.

Just follow the lessons, have fun, and show your work.


If you were t make a paper model of a 3D object, seams are the places where the pieces have to be cut so the shapes can be laid flat.
Example. Look at this site and how they start as flat paper.

The same principles apply to the patterns to make clothing.



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