Sculptured blocked out Orc :)

Hopefully It looks as it should be :slight_smile:






The cloths will be added later. Not part of the body sculpting.

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So shall I remove it and make a normal body shape ? Are you sure it will be added later ? The problem is I am doing the model that is not in the course ,will it affect the model if I keep it ? Will it be added later as a cloth somehow ?

Apologies for all the questions because I had doubts myself about adding the belt , really appreciate the feedback ! :slight_smile:

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Those additions, you can add later. First the body shape which is used to be sculpted, as part of the lesson structure. Of course you can sculpt clothing too, but better to learn the basics.
And always keep objects separated.

With the creation of the belt, you learn other tools.
It’s not how to create an Orc, but it’s used as a canvas to learn you Blender skills.

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Do shoes later … ?

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So I shall remove both the belt and the shoes ?

It’s your own decision. But it’s best to follow the steps presented in the lessons.
You will learn how to add a belt, arm armature. With that knowledge, you can add shoes, helmet, armature,…

And as I told you. the best practice is to make things as separated objects.
So yes, drop shoes and cloths. And add them later.

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I will do that later today and will post the result in the comments , Thanks a lot for the tips ! :slight_smile:

Hey I did some edits , what do you think ? :slight_smile: blender_oV8NOAKa4m blender_nmnAX4AG1B blender_mFRghISZaS yb1IOUu5RM


Really great shape to work on the details. The ears are good. Love the arms!
But I miss some ‘body mass’ for the feet to work on.
It will help you to create the boots later in the project!

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Thank you :slight_smile: , I went by your advice and made feet a bit bigger to fit the body and fixed some stuff with Dyntopo Sculpting , ofc I didn’t touch the head yet :slight_smile:

blender_K4qQYVwTol blender_ZinmAtqjd5 blender_t72fJVMn1A