Sculpting feels so hard to do

Sculpting feels so hard to do, every stroke seems to make it worse. Any suggestion about how to approach this?



It is just practice really. Do not go too fine detail at the start. Do big overall shapes. Then start going smaller. Understand there is the option on most tools to add OR subtract. In the tool’s panel.

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Make sure you’re sculpting with dyntopo turned on.

If you have UVs on your model, each time you enter sculpt mode, dyntopo will be toggled off automatically, so make sure to turn it back on or you can delete your UV Map.


These are the settings I normally use for dyntopo.

Also to delete your UV Map, you go here and press the minus button:

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Thanks for the tip! Dyntopo does seem to make a big difference.


OMG! I’m finding sculpting really, really hard, like you said - every stroke seems to make it worse. My first human sculpt was a disaster, so I went back and started again, what really helps is to have a very good character sketch reference sheet - the second time round it came out better. I’m so impatient - I want to know what I’m doing but I think it’s just gonna take time and practise xxx jess