Sculpted bunny

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Sculpt has evolved mucho in the past week.


Geez, with such skill I must ask why you’re here, lol!

That’s incredible. No way you’e a beginner!

Yeah, first time I’ve sculpted 3D at all!

I was an architecture student though, so i have 3d experience…

I’ve spent a whole lotta time on this though, that’s the key ingredient.

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Ah, still. Very, very nice. It’s spectacular and I am mind-blown. How long did it take?

I’ve got a job where I work evenings and night, so I have the daytime to do as I please. I’ve probably spent at least 24 hours working on my bunny scene, including fur and sculpting.

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Holy cow. Ok. I spent a lot on my rabbit, but it’s nothing like yours despite the effort… so sad :frowning:

I also got into modelling because I’m terrible at drawing, haha. At least you’re good at both! I applaud your talent!

Thanks! But try not to compare so much, I also spent a lot of time drawing growing up!! Talent is overrated!!

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Hmm, ok, a valid point. Although taking advantage of said talent can really put you above many. It’s a competitive world, after all.

Keeps evolving…


No cigar?

Lol xD

I’ve been working on this scene in my free time for over a couple of months now. I’ve enjoyed making small improvements over an extended amount of time while learning new things.


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