Sculpted Bunny



I put way too much time into it, too much detail that will probably be covered by fur. But I try to take any chance to practice even if it won’t be noticed in the end. It’ll be fun to see how much shows through the fur later.


Wow man your rabbit its so realistic I love it.
the detail may show up or improve in somthing.




That is incredibly awesome. So awesome that you’ve inspired me to do the same. All thanks to you :slight_smile:

I’ve already spent close to 10 hours of modelling this. Why? Because I’ve never done it before. But I used your rabbit as reference and I really like yours. But I don’t intend to do a lot with the body because I know we’ll have to do some retopology stuff on it and shrink-wrap it or the polygon count is through the roof and a killer to render. Not very efficient, especially with inside geometry from combined meshes.