Sculpted Bunny



I put way too much time into it, too much detail that will probably be covered by fur. But I try to take any chance to practice even if it won’t be noticed in the end. It’ll be fun to see how much shows through the fur later.


Wow man your rabbit its so realistic I love it.
the detail may show up or improve in somthing.




That is incredibly awesome. So awesome that you’ve inspired me to do the same. All thanks to you :slight_smile:

I’ve already spent close to 10 hours of modelling this. Why? Because I’ve never done it before. But I used your rabbit as reference and I really like yours. But I don’t intend to do a lot with the body because I know we’ll have to do some retopology stuff on it and shrink-wrap it or the polygon count is through the roof and a killer to render. Not very efficient, especially with inside geometry from combined meshes.


Thank you! I’ve never really inspired anyone before, I’m touched! Your rabbit came out great, I love the big ears and the detailed legs. Now I wish I did more to mine instead of leaving them just as blobs. You’re right about the poly count, I threw that to the wind and didn’t even think to spare my poor basic laptop lol. The render times are horrible even without added background and objects. Maybe he’ll get a little simpler later, as the course goes on. There’s no inside geometry though, just one piece bunny. Even the ears were created from the original object by extracting 3 faces that were in the right area and mirroring them.

I can’t wait to see how yours comes out with fur!


Aye. I see what others are doing and I learn from that :slight_smile:

And if I must add, I think your ears are great! They made me want to do that to mine–make them more realistic!

I was planning to do retopology on the rabbit to simplify the geometry. It also appears that cycles doesn’t care for inside geometry because light never gets in, so rendering isn’t too terrible. The other option is to use decimate or subdivision to cut down on the details instead of retopo. I will consider this if it speeds up rendering times. Edit: I decimated it and brought it down to about 30k poly count. Seems to work and still look fine.