Sculpt Section Complete - Blender 3D Beginners Course Complete Thoughts

Amazing course, learned a ton upon a ton. Thank you so much @Grant_Abbitt
I will be taking what I learned here and moving on to your other courses and try to do more than what you do in whatever the course teaches using techniques I learned from here.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn blender, it gives you all you need as a beginner to make some amazing models. But it only scratches the surface of what blender has. In my pursuit to master this software this is a great start. I look forward to working more on modelling everyday. I plan to do another sculpt before I move on to another course so I can practice the techniques taught here and make something better than I did for the final section.

Anyways, thanks again for the great start to my 3D journey.


A fine result well done, and happy Blendering on into the future!

Excellent job :slight_smile:

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