[Screenshot - Setup a VR Camera & Tip on SDK versioning]

As of Sept 2016, it looks like the downloadable Google SDK resources linked to the lecture have been revised/updated to v0.6, which seems to be a different version than the one used in the lecture video. I had some problems getting the cameras to correctly function and noticed that there are different prefabs and settings. I needed to change the settings of CardboardMain >> Head >> Main Camera . In the Inspector, make sure the CLEAR FLAGS pull-down setting is set to Skybox. I was getting the default camera background color otherwise. I think that was all that I needed to modify in order for it to work. Alas, I was able to get it to the iPod Touch, but needed a couple of tries out of XCode. Needed to modify the Device Orientation settings (uncheck all except Landscape Right) and uncheck, Requires full screen.

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