Screenshot of my Camera Set Up

It’s been quite a while that I’ve come back to this course. i was having trouble grouping my base to the rest of my lamp. Finally after restarting this course (after a busy few months at work) i was able to figure the grouping issue out (it was a pretty noob thing) and finally started my animation. The animation isn’t anything to great but looking forward to rendering it.

I want to highlight on thing. Like Mike does the lamp base rotation by shifting the origins to the edge of the lamp base, when i tried doing that, the location of the base ended up shifting as well, even though the location was exactly the same. Any particular reason?

Difficult to say. Mostly because of misplaced origins of mesh object and bones. Also (accidental) scaling and rotation of objects and forgot to apply them. I have difficulties with this also, because it is difficult to see what iss related to what, and offsets.

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