Screenshoot wont open on ASK


THIS is the Format Blender is saving my Screenshots ?.. It does not end with the orange blender Icon …


I think you might be either confusing one file for another, or somehow taking screenshots incorrectly. When you say “THIS,” there isn’t actually anything posted here, so I have no idea what “THIS” means.

To take a screenshot of Blender, the easiest way is in the top menu where the workspaces are. Click Window–>Save Screenshot, then give it a name (observe that it’s a png file, which is just a normal image, so you’re not going to have the Blender icon on it. That would indicate that the screenshot is a file that opens in Blender, which it doesn’t). Select a place to put it - for ease of finding it afterwards, maybe just use the desktop. Then click the Save Screenshot button.

To show the screenshot in your post, just drag it from the desktop onto the textbox.

You probably already know most of this, but by outlining the whole process here, you’re likely to instantly recognize what has happened in your situation and correct the problem yourself =)

EDIT: I think I know what’s happening now, having read your other post. I didn’t realize at first, but the “upload” string you showed there is what appeared when you dragged the screenshot into this textbox.

  • ![Pillar eXTRUDE 1|690x3(upload://j8zs5YcYXfA4ekMqpk0N36ADSgP.jpeg)

This part of that string…

  • 690x3

means that the screenshot you were trying to post is only 3 pixels in height. Not sure how that happened, but it’s worth just trying again with the steps above.


OK …Thanks … Ill Try give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok …It seems to have worked now uploading screenshot …

Ao theres thered the latest problem … Extruded Alt E …along normals … but it left a plane along the mirror line ?


Ah, if this is the plane you were talking about in your other post, that’s a bit of a different issue. Glad you got the screenshots working! That makes things so much easier.

For one side at a time, select the faces of that plane (top and bottom), then RMB–>Dissolve Faces. If you try to do all 8 faces at once, you might end up with an hourglass (dissolving faces can be a little unintuitive), so do each side separately to be sure.

You should also do a merge-by-distance as I described before, just because this would be a great time for that. That should get you back on track; I’ll wait to see if anyone else points out something I’ve missed, as I can’t actively test this at the moment.


One of the causes of that is not having clipping ticked in the mirror modifier.
The other is having a face across the top of the real geometry, so inside across the middle of the column.

Easy way to solve the sticking out bit, Vert mode, delete the 4 verts holding the bit sticking out.


OK… Thank YOu … I ended up merging by distance the outer vertices with the middle of the “pillar” … It left a space between the mirrored objects around the origin … Hopefully its not a Problem , or perhaps I should go back and use youre method … Dissolving the Faces ?

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Thanks … Ill keep that in mind next time … did a vertices merge in th meantime , so hopefully that works for the time being :+1:


No problem, deleting is ok, and sometimes necessary over dissolving. The difference between the two is that dissolving avoids creating holes like these, but both approaches work. Here’s how you can close the gap and join these pieces together:

  • Double-check that your Mirror Modifier is turned on and you have Clipping ticked. This method won’t work without Clipping.
  • Select either of the two faces I’ve selected in this demo model I made (inside the split)
  • Whichever face you selected, press G to grab, Z to lock to the Z axis, then bring the faces toward each other until they clip together.
  • Merge-by-distance. Not necessary if you have Merge ticked in your Mirror Modifier, but a good practice anyway. Either way, at this point, those two faces will be merged as a single face, closing your gap.
  • If you go into X-Ray Mode or Wireframe View, you should now see a single plane sitting perfectly inside the pillar. This is the interior plane that I thought you had initially before you got your screenshots working. To get rid of that interior face, just select it, RMB, and Dissolve Faces.

Practice makes perfect =)


Thanks !!! Ill do that … Get them clipped together !!!

Got hung up at the Pillars so I started A G,Abbit Rocket …
Just not sur how to scale the fins to make them Thicker ?

Last thing I got stuck on with Pillars was uneven scaling of Edges .Not dure how to keep them balanced ? … Was struggling with the Bevel Comman . Kept on Wanting to Box select when I wanted to Bevel ?
sorry secon image not what I wanted … not sure if I can delete it

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There you go, it looks like things are starting to fall into place a bit.

Remember also that rewatching the videos a few times can be very helpful, as well as taking notes etc… Practicing with your own ideas/models is an excellent idea too. Whatever it takes to help you learn and understand the concepts, you should do, because what you learn on your own will stick more than what we tell you about.

Judging by your Outliner, it looks like this rocket is made of separate shapes. Normally you’d want to scale with S, but in this case, you might be better off entering an exact scale in the N side menu for each object. This way, you can be certain they’re they same size.

Although it won’t matter yet, changing scale directly can cause other types of problems later on (such as when animating), so when you change scale, always remember to apply it with Ctrl + A–>Apply Scale. There are exceptions, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

Oh, and you can definitely delete a screenshot that you uploaded by mistake - just delete the upload string in this textbox and the screenshot should disappear from your post preview.


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