Scrappy Meal

I tried a few different techniques shown, and experimented with that hard corner thing on the cup. I tried a few different methods of doing the burger toppings and then settled on keeping it almost like a full cylinder so it would look like a more robust burger. The fries were challenging, the straw too. The straw on the cup was hard to recognize as a straw, so I gave it that classic striped pattern to pick up the imagination’s slack where the shape alone couldn’t reach.


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I think the hamburger is too complex in the middle.

very good point, thank you. I’ll take another swing at it :slight_smile:

Fixed the fries as well, and separated everything into their own layers.

For a bit, I played around with different outline colors so I can start to get away from always using outlines, but in this case it didn’t work out. The darker orange outlines I picked for the burger bun were too close a match to the burger itself and just kind of muddled things.

scrappy meal v2

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I think it’s improved!

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thank you! :slight_smile: