ScoreBoard not working, and causing error

Hello @Nina,

While working on the course (Aragon Assault), hitting play button after all the code was written, i have noticed that the ScoreBoard UI does not changes to 0 and also whne the bullets collide with the enemy i get this error and the enemy does not dissapear:

Clicking on the error gets me to this part of the code:


EDIT: After more research, i have noticed that the ScoreBoard.cs was not attached to the text, and for some reason the enemy fx prefab was disappearing from the enemies.
Sorry if i bothered, maybe someone else encounters this isse as me.
Have a great day !:slight_smile:

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I’m glad you solved the issue yourself. :slight_smile:

NullReferenceException means that a reference (“link”) to an instance is missing. In this case, you need to check the reference type variables: all variables that are not a number, not a bool and not a char.

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