SCK_Casual01 ThirdPersonCharacter Errors Unreal Engine 5.3.2

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There are 2 Errors in the code for the SCK_Casual01 ThirdPersonCharacter. The Errors boil down to that the Reset orientation and Position node no longer exists. So going into the original SCK_Causal01 file and loading the ThridPersonCharacter event graph and disconnecting it from the event before it removes the error and allows it to be compiled. I’ve left the nodes there as I’m learning this was just how I’ve found it to work incase this causes issue later the nodes are there to be looked and the issue resolved.
This may solve the issue SCK_Casual01 ThirdPersonCharacter had was that the camera boom and follow camera didn’t come into the game when the BP was created and moved in the map. the easy way to see this has happened is that the Blue camera in the screenshot below isn’t there.

Copying from the BP’s made the camera appear but didn’t allow it’s movement since fixing the above issue it can now move and the CameraBoom and FollowCamera are also in details too since this fix so copying seems unnecessary.

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The issue is the course was designed with Unreal Engine 5.0 and the further you move away from that version, the more changes you will see. Yes there are going to be changes to features (there are many breaking changes) so there are 2 choices.

The first, is use an older version - this would be what I recommend. This is easier because you’ll see the same features as the instructor as you go through the course. I know this was an issue but an edit to the video where Unreal installed does pop up and say the latest 5.0 version now which is 5.0.3. It is probably also fine in 5.2 but I can’t be sure.

The second, and really this is more for experienced developers, persevere and find the work arounds for the changes. Someone will have encountered this issue and probably has the fix.

I know this isn’t ideal and eventually the course will get updated, and 6 months after this something will break as this is what happens.

Anyway, I had a look and it looks like it is a VR Feature and it is still available. It could be because the VR Functionality is not present in your project (there’s a could of entries added to the .cs file for this)

See the documentation for 5.3 here:
Reset Orientation and Position | Epic Developer Community (

Just so you know, it being for VR, you could probably remove this and it should still work.

Thanks for the clarification. I did originally change this to a show instead of ask, but it must have gone back.

I knew that the reason for it being different was because I was on 5.3. But with it being something within a course, and I couldn’t find anyone mention the issue when I looked, i thought putting what I’d figured out when I fixed it might help someone who came across the issue again.

Knowing what the purpose of those nodes is still a great help though now I know what I’m getting rid of.

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