Sci-Fi Gun - Hard surface practice

Hi dear artists, here is one project that I left for a while because was a little difficult for that moment, is based in a Chris Kuhn model (he’s awesome scifi modeler) You should take a look at his work.



great stuff! I highly recommend taking this into substance painter! They have a student version for free…Its a great skill set and necessary if you want to go pro…

thanks! I’ll take a look to SP

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It’s so beautiful! I’m a sucker for green and black.

WOW! This is a masterpiece dude!

So much details that I can’t even count the objects needed to make this lol

Used some addon to make this?

none, the only thing that I used from outside are the textures taken from

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Took a look and it’s insane the amount of details of his work !
I wonder how much time he spends to make all that pieces.

And what is more inspiring is that he uses Blender!

yes, it’s awesome, I will try to do an spaceship like he does one of these days, probably will take me a month or so, with my current blender skillset.

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