School or prison . u decide

extruding tutorial challenge…dint notice school was in mid air until rendered in cycles


For a lot of people schools are like prisons, so… both? xD


Nice prison. Schools are day time prisons for children from a bygone age of herd based schooling pretending to be education. We know real education is individual on demand, like this course!


I disagree. School is important and needs to have some herd based trends. It’s only problem is that it’s using outdated methods that aren’t very useful in some cases. The herd-like school system is the one that trains our brains to work the way is does, problem solving, memory and most important social skills. I think we can both agree that it only needs some adjustments. Individual education comes after years of improving the basic skills that school teaches us. If you’d be illiterate you wouldn’t really go for an online course now, would you? To put it short, education is important, but school isn’t the only place you can educate yourself.

Nice build here!

“using outdated methods that aren’t very useful” is exactly what makes a school like a prison. There is a lot of unnecessary info, and the educational system must be revised and changed according to modern requirements


pretty classic look, i like it

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