Scene loading portals

I’m having issues with my box collider. I have a rigidbody and colliders on the player and portal but nothing happens. I put a Debug log in to see if the colliders are triggering and nothing comes up in the console.

What’s the code look like? Are you calling the correct method? I frequently put in the wrong one, make sure it’s OnTriggerEnter()

Sometimes I accidentally put in OnCollisionEnter() or even OnTriggerEnter2D()


I definitely called OnTriggerEnter.
I did double check it before I posted. :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, have you tried making the player collide with the portal at a lower velocity? I’ve had trouble with things that are moving too fast not triggering/colliding. I’m still trying to sort my way through the intricacies of that problem, but it’s too advanced for me right now.

Yeah man, I’ve tried everything. I even made a new project with new code and still the same issue. I’ve been on Google and YouTube trying to fix it and still no luck.

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