Scene For Bridge

Created mine using the array modifiers and to create the rocks it was a duplicated rock with randomized transforms for the entire base on a reflective plane. I followed the render distance video but was having a hard time getting volumetric fog to show properly on both my camera and editing screen. I will probably keep adding to the scene I am having a ton of fun with this.


Hi! Welcome to the community!

I like the bridge a lot, the rocks kinda look like waves in a storm tho.

Welcome. I understand the fun in this.
But there so many rocks, you could have build a road on top of it.
Instead of a bridge …

Most people have problems with the fog, especially in Cycles, so try Eevee instead.

PS. I things some rocks are inverted (partly). Normals inside out … just check.

Have fun!

Totally nailed it…


Hey guys thanks for welcoming me to the community! Probably would look a lot better if the rocks I had spent more time on and add a better material for sure. It’s been fun looking at what other people came up with. I tried making the fog not so overwhelming but now that I look at the shot I realize it’s not very visible lol.

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Made some more improvements! Here are the cycles renders which I just love the grainy look.Bridge1|690x388

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For comparison here are the Eevee renders

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