Scene being mass created Loading the saved scene

After adding the start method to the saving wrapper my game will get caught attempting to load a scene repeatedly. If i remove the yield return GetComponent().LoadLastScene(defaultSaveFile); then the scene loads once as normal. I feel like my error is something simple, but have searched the code for differences as well as seeing if my SavingWrapper.cs is attached to anything else, since then it would create new scenes, and when loading would start again ad infinitum.

The usual cause of this particular culprit is still having a SavingWrapper in your Scene. Make sure that the Fader, SavingWrapper, and SavingSystem exist only in the PersistentObjectPrefab (which is subsequently loaded by the PersistentObjectSpawner.

Found my problem when I added the Persistent Object Spawner object I had Core selected rather than PersistantObjects. Thanks for your help.

Core overload! Core Overload! Stack Overflow imminent!

Good job hunting that down!

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