Scaling up & down

I have noticed it is extremely difficult to work in blender beyond the 300 mark, but all the models i make need to be scaled to at least from 500 to 700 and some parts of my model are not joined and need to be uv unwrapped. The system i need to export them into can only be viewed from the scales of 500 or higher? What would one suggest?

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Hello Rose,
You just wrote it in another thread, and I answered you.
What is your problem? Can you precise it?
Blender defo got no problems with scaling >300.0.
Maybe you need to adjust your clip-planes…or try some easier lessons in before.

[EDIT] just saw your clip-planes are ok.

[EDIT II] I think you scaled in edit-mode. Did you try to scale in object-mode, instead?

Please ask precisely.


Hello there and thank you for both replies. I tried out what you said after i adjusted my clipping. The scene i posted is a file pre-made, but my object is made in a separate file, so i have to append it to the pre-made file. The problem i have is that my object is made of up layers and not joined so when i scale them up after appending them into the up scaled scene not only can i not see them, but once i try to scale them up the layers are no longer go together :confused: I only posted it again because i saw in section three where the instructor said blender doesn’t work well with sizes beyond 300 during the bowling pin exercise because the model starts to be cut into by the camera i’m assuming , so i was lost all over again.

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