Scaling from base

Uploading my results, just to force myself to stay active in this course. Some of these earlier techniques do not really seem worthwhile to “post your work”, if it is just “do the steps”, or “follow a process” without any harder work or creativity :slight_smile: well, for this challenge you either know the solution or you don’t, so yea, the screenshot shows you I found that (and I promise I didn’t cheat by just watching the answer).

This does not take away any value to the course :wink: Even for the parts that I already “master”, I am picking up stuff here and there :slight_smile: And while the challenges can be challenging for beginners, I just see little value in “posting work” is all :wink:

Anyhow, here’s what I did (like most anyone else?):

  • click on the bottom face (the cursor automatically snaps to the surface, as was mentioned in an earlier lesson)
  • transform around cursor
  • done

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