Scaling and snapping in edit mode

First time in the course I have a serious problem. I can’t snap to vertices, edges of faces when scaling. When I try, the moment I snap the faces are scaled up to infinity in the xy plane. Instructor has the same problem at 4:43 in the video but for him the issue resolves itself after he changed from snapping to faces to vertices. I’m not that lucky.

I have no problem preforming the operation when I open a new file. It is only my pyramid file that I have this problem.

If any one has time to take a look I’m very grateful. I know there are easy workarounds but I want to know why Blender is giving me trouble. Here is the file:

Pyramid Snapping Problem Lecture35.blend (544.9 KB)

Same with me - when I’m scalling the object it doesn’t snap to anything: not to vertix, not to edges and not to faces, and especially not to the grid (increment mode). Plese help here.

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