Scale issues

So far I have been following your course to the letter but I have come up with an issue. my scales are a lot different even though I use your exact numbers. like the spacing between the pins was alot wider then yours and my pins seem smaller. I thought that maybe it is because I am in america and maybe the program is using the american measure standards or something. Is there a way i can adjust this in the program? I know what some may say to just convert the measure from one to the other but math is difficult for me. any help is appreciated.

p.s. I would leave a screen cap but I forgot to save before posing all the models for the pic.

Hey Micheal I have the same problem. I have no idea why it’s happening

Hey Micheal, I think I have a solution, instead of using Blender unites, you can change them to Metric in Scene options, this will do mm, cm,inc, and Meters, then we can just do our own pins and ball from reference material from web. hope this helps

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