Saving works but not between maps

Hello everyone,
I just implemented save for quests. I have since had a strange behavior, I can save and I find my inventory, my equipment and my quests in map 1 (for example if the save and the quest were done in map 1) but if I change the map (map 2 for example) I lose all my inventory, my equipment and my quests. On the other hand, if I go back to map 1 I find everything. It’s as if the save doesn’t follow the map change and I don’t really know where to solve the problem. Thanks in advance if you have any ideas!

Check that the player’s Unique Identifier in the SaveableEntity is ‘Player’ (or something that you specified). It’s likely because the saving system finds a player prefab in the second scene, but it doesn’t have the same name (that you specified) so it doesn’t know that it’s the player and doesn’t load the relevant data. Then, when you get back to the original scene, it finds it again and loads the data. The unique identifier should be set in the prefab so that it is the same on all the player instances

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hey, thanks for your quick response. Your suggestion clicked in my brain when I read it, because I modified my core element (which contains my player prefab) a little while ago and the player tag had indeed jumped into the savable entity. Thanks again !

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