Saving the Game in Godot 4

I’m wondering why there isn’t a single lesson in all the Godot 4 courses about how to create a save system. That is, loading and saving games.
I would really appreciate it if this could somehow be implemented, as it is essential to any video game for me. Even for simple platformers.

I think the primary reason can be found in the first sentence of the docs page on this subject:

The approach shown here is JSON serialization, and if you’d like to give it a go yourself, this is where I would recommend you start because you’ll be able to read the save file easily for debugging purposes.

I’ve done this before in Unity; it isn’t too bad, but it’s less straightforward than a lot of the other stuff shown in the courses, and it does become more complicated as a project grows. As these courses are largely aimed at beginner-level programming, save-game systems probably just didn’t make the cut.

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