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I have a problem with my skill tree, in general it works very well, but I would very much like it to save both the skill points and the skills I already released, on the scene it saves, but when I close and open the game, everything is reset again, and I need to reap the points again, I’m new to unity could someone help me?

the code is in the link below

if you need more codes I try to save you can ask me to send
thanks for listening

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In which course and lecture are you?

Hi nina!

RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding

I added a tag for you, so @Brian_Trotter can find your question more easily. :slight_smile:


First of all, well done on extending the RPG to include a skill tree! Our hopes are that more students will go beyond the basics and introduce new concepts of their own.

As the PlayerSkills is a base class, not derived from MonoBehavior, I’m not sure of the mechanism you’re using to reference it in the game.
I’m going to assume it’s created in a class like PlayerController and work my example from there… if it’s too different from this, we’ll get more information and work from there…

PlayerSkills playerSkills=new PlayerSkills();

PlayerController doesn’t implement the ISaveable interface, but this actually works well for us… we’ll implement ISaveable and add the CaptureState and RestoreState methods…

We’re also going to implement ISaveable in the PlayerSkills class…

public struct SkillSavingStruct
    public List<SkillType> skillList;
    public int skillPoints;

public object CaptureState()
     SkillSavingStruct savingStruct = new SkillSavingStruct();
     savingStruct.skillList = unlockedSkillTypeList;
     savingStruct.skillPoints = skillPoints;
    return savingStruct;

public void RestoreState(object state)
     SkillSavingStruct savingStruct = (SkillSavingStruct)state;
     unlockedSkillTypeList = savingStruct.skillList;
    skillPoints = savingStruct.skillPoints;

You may also need to add [System.Serializeable] above the SkillType enum for this to work properly.

Then the CaptureState and RestoreState for PlayerController (or whatever class has the PlayerSkills object) is a simple passthrough:

public object CaptureState()
    return playerSkills.CaptureState();
public void RestoreState(object state)

Thank you very much!!! I will try immediately, if it works I will come back here to give feedback, I have been trying hard to get this skill tree saved for two weeks but I couldn’t, I think it will work out very well!

I tried but it gave this error, I found it kind of strange, I’m trying to solve it.

my player controller code just below:

the language error is normal

None of this looks familiar from the RPG course… My approach won’t work, we’ll need to go at it a different way… I’ll have a go at solving it, but it might not be till my next day off of work.

Ok no problems!

Apologies for losing track of this topic, it slipped between the cracks and was just brought back to my attention.
Looking over your code, I’m not seeing anything from the actual RPG Core Combat course. This leaves me without enough information to diagnose the problem of saving the skill tree. In short, I have no idea what the actual saving process you’re using is.

I am willing to take a look at it and see if I can get you saving the skill tree, but I make no guarantees. Zip up your project and upload it to (This will let me see everything in context, and hopefully figure out where you’re going with this).

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