Save Branch as Scene offset

I noticed when I performed the “Save Branch as Scene” the cylinder in the child scene takes on the offset of -10,0-6. This feels strange to me. Shouldn’t the child scenes be centered around their local origin? Clearly if I reuse this base, it most likely will not be in that precise location.

Hi Ryan,

You are correct but as its a base and it doesnt move in the scene we can place this base in the level scene when creating a new level as the values we set in the level scene override the ones that are set in the base scene itself.
In our example it does not present as we are only making one level but if you did make another level to load into then that is how you would work around it.

From working with Unity however which it would be a prefab i would set the values to be 0,0,0 on the position so that i know it comes in at the center of the world and then move it to the position i want it.

If we were instantiating a base we would need to set those values instead otherwise each time we load the level it would come in at the base’s transform position.

Hope this helps

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