Sapling Bush Test

I tried making a Rose of Sharon bush. Had to make two different ones because of trial and error, and tried different things for the leaves. Ended up making a rough RoS leaf shape and uv unwrapping it with a picture of a real leaf. The bark is also a bark texture I found online. I spent so much time uv unwrapping it so it blends in and in the end it’s not even noticeable, lol.


I find your effort very rewarding. You say, it cann’t be seen. But, the scenery does have a level of quality. More when you zoom in.

But you have also learned a lesson. Before composing, think about the details first and are they helpful in the scene. Michael does have a lecture about this. What is the bitmap size of the moon, in a scene like yours. You will be amazed.

I find this piece of work of high quality, the grass and bush. Well done!

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Thank you for the feedback, I really love getting comments!

Making this bush did teach me a lesson. I made sure that the tree in the final scene was noticeable before spending time on texturing it. Thank you for saying the grass looks nice, it’s a really sore point for me because of all the time I spend on it and it still not looking quite right to me.

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