Just finished polishing up my current Project in post processing. I tried photogrammetry on myself and built a scene around it. Took me about two weeks to get the final render. Any feedback/critique is very welcome, I am still learning. I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


I don’t even know what to say about this one, one of the best I’ve seen, I was recently playing the game, “The Last Of Us” and this scenes graphics are as good as the game I was playing, amazing details, colors, and scene in general. It would be very nice to see this in a game, amazing job!

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Very nicely done.

How did you manage photogrammetry on yourself?

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Honestly looks pretty good.

For improvements, I think if you got rid of most of the vegetation off the street it would better the composition. It makes the scene too busy and looks quite odd how the plants kinda just grow on asphalt. I would maybe add some rubble, damage to the road and trash instead, but not too much. Your eyes need a place to rest so a scene has to have a good balance of big clean shapes, medium and small details.

I would also add some fog behind the character and a vignette to the image to frame him better, currently he blends into the background a bit too much. A good way to check if your image is clear and readable is to look at a thumbnail of it. It’s good if in the small version of the image you can at a glance tell what’s going on and draw the attention to your subject.

Here is an edited version (please excuse the rushed photohop job, obviously it’d look better if done properly in 3D):


Thank you very much :slight_smile: Although I must say there are some flawss when I revisited it (a liiiittle too much going on at the ground, not enough depth (volumectrics )

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Thank you :slight_smile: …I positionied my cell phone at a static pose and then slowly turned around a few times, it made the pictures every 2 seconds automatically :slight_smile:

True, but if still be willing to bet the scene is game ready. Maybe a little less vegetation, but I think it elevates the scene to have the vegetation. Very minor flaws, but I think it’s still pretty good.

Thank you for the detailed Feedback. Yeah I hve read a lot of comments retgarding these issues and I agree. The viewer doens’t really have some breathing space , so I will consider that in my next project for sure. Also depth of fiel and some mist pass to add further depth will be included in the next project :slight_smile:

Interesting that the movement was able to be worked with. I always move the camera, and me holding it, around objects that to not move. I mean your pose would be altering fractionally every time for example.

Oh it was a struggle believe me :smiley: I had to do it like 10 times until I got a decent result. Also for the final model used I did not turn all the way since I knew I only would need the back and a little from the side of my body for the final pose

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