Same Empties in two different collections

In Mike’s video I noticed that when he selected collection only the board, camera and light are selected but in my case all the objects are selected. Even after adding the empties to new collections.

I have attached screenshots for your reference:

Here, when I selected the black pieces collection only the black pieces are selected.

Here, when I selected the white pieces collection only the white pieces are selected.

But here, instead of only selecting the board, camera and light all the objects are selected.

Will I face any issues in future, if the collections are like this?

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Collections are a new way in Blender to manage assets. To Group then on subject. Handy when reusing assets in other projects.
Or to make it easier to select them. The other method is to use empties, which are needed when you want to manipulate group of objects or change individual behaviour in animations for example.

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Something is odd, there are 4 empties.

I am confused by the outliner in ‘Scene’ mode, does not show the objects in the collections. Not a way I ever use.

His ‘collection’ should only be selecting the board and camera lights by the sound of it.

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I agree something is odd here and i think its been confused by using the scene mode view over the layer view we use and so its got in a jumble.
At this this it may even be better to undo all the parenting and reorganise the project from a to b to resolve it.


If you use empties and collections together, it can be confusing!
Because all empty related objects (including the empty) can reside in a different collections, sub-collections.
There is no logic other than the users logic.

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I think I will redo all of it. Thank you.

Btw, Happy Birthday :smile:

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