Sacrificial Intelligence

Your on planet mars and the year is 2250, it’s been 200 years since the first colony settled on mars and now there are 2 large cities at war.
Your city has been built up from the original colony and the other city only settled in the year 2200 but has already built a city as big as yours due to having better technology.
Your city is known as the OS (Original Settlers) and the enemy NS (New Settlers)
The President of the OS is fearful of the NS as they think they will become too big and powerful and try to take over the OS.
So The President makes squadrons of Artificial Intelligent Drones/Planes that will fly them selves into targets like suicide bombers.


You Control an A.I. Plane armed with a bomb designated to destroy enemy targets.
The plane is armed with weapons to defend it self from enemy fighters.
Have to avoid being hit by enemy fighters and AA defences as one hit in the wrong place could detonate the bomb.
Have to press a key to initiate the suicide bomb sequence when you see the target which will be displayed on the UI when toggled by a key.


Oh wow this is so cool! You know this gets me thinking what will life be like on Mars. How will we all coexist?


Thanks & Hopefully a lot more peacefully then the concept of this game.

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Me too

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Fun Story ! Please attach the link to your finished project so I can play it :slight_smile:

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Cheers Mate, Will do soon as its finished :+1:

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