Sacrificed a bit topology for a great effect

Playing with a light up at the crown of the queen I found a wonderful effect with the right radius of the light…

The shadowing allows me to create a crown-like look by pure lighting! So i used the IcoSphere (even if it is not squared) for this great effect!

I rendered a short video of the animation of the crown… so you get a bit of a taste what my final scene maybe might look like :wink:


A lighting effect might become an issue if you rely on it but want some other room lighting. You could delete the ‘dark’ faces and add a solidify modifier and have proper geometry.


Nice animation.Looks cool!One question though,are those faces that looks dark because of the light shading or are their normals inverted?
And will you use external lighting other than the ones inside the models when rendering?Because if you won’t majority of your model will look dark.(May be that’s the theme you are going for?)


The scene is well lit in the final. This video was from the design file with the queen alone. No lights in there, it was just a quick draft render


This one looks really cool!

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