S4 L74 please help

Can anybody please tell me where I’ve gone wrong? After creating the parents and saving my scene, I closed it. When I opened it again, all children appears on top of each other on top of the primary object. Has it got something to do with the funny arrows next to the objects name, and where are they coming from?

Still don’t have a clue what I did wrong, but started again and got it right this time. :grinning:

Hi Rina_Bothma,

I am not sure how you did the parenting of the objects but it looks like you have animation data in the objects. I wonder if you had the “record button” on in the timeline? This automatically sets the key frames for the objects you move and it could be that you have started to move the pieces from the plain axes and setting (automatically and without knowing it) key frames. This is just a guess, but good that you solved it out yourself :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax

Thank you, Jax. While I was deleting everything that I could found linked to the two chess pieces involved, I found something about animation linked to them. Not knowing anything really, I just deleted it and all was fine afterwards. I must have clicked somewhere I shouldn’t have. Appreciating your help. :relieved:

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