S2 Mayan Pyramid and a question

Hey, guys here is my finished Mayan pyramid with Eevee engine.

But when I try to render it with cycles engine it turns out like this. Can someone explain it to me? :slight_smile:


first of all, the two images are not comparable because one is a Final Render and the other isn’t.

second, lighting works differently between cycles and eevee so you need to set the lighting for one or the other. This of course affects everything from how textures and colors appear, to the quality of the render itself. To put it simply, Eevee is a fast yet fairly accurate – when the settings are used correctly-- approximation of what you made. Cycles is slower to render but when set up properly it’s 10 to 20 percent more accurate for realistic rendering. The methodology behind these two engines differs quite heavily in how they deal with scene lighting and it shows in how your scenes are lit; such as, in how the light from inside your model is passing through solid faces to light up other faces in the Eevee render.


Thank you a lot mate. :slight_smile: I gotta work on lights for cycles now!

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