S08L242_Human Head

Thank you Michael - this was hectic!!! Now back to the bunny for some hair updates - will be back.


What’s going on with the eyes?

Maybe my first try at modelling a human head was not that successful, but the eyes are the one thing that is “perfect”. Do you not recognize the most iconic pop culture hero who had 2 different eye colors? :slight_smile: Okay, I admit, maybe I should have put a big red flash across his face and gave him some funky hair, but time was of the essence and I had to go on to the next section, but I will come back to him soon and then maybe you will be able to recognize him.

Based on your description, my guess is…

Matrix! …But maybe we’re of different times.

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You actually did some research, and this is giving me some ideas, I loved to watch Reboot many years ago, :slight_smile: (You did not think that I knew who he was - did you?) Try again - think human, music, 1972, mugshot, stardust - now I gave you too much - and feel incredibly old and bad, because I cannot recognize him myself.

ooo000 I get it now, I must have read slash when you actually wrote flash and I attributed the red to his eye. You’re definitely modelling Ziggy himself, which is evident in the skin tone (a lot less green than matrix).

I do think you could quickly change directions with some node edits. The face shape is pretty much identical!

Thank you, I’ll play with it after I completed this course. Too much new stuff to learn every day. :slight_smile:

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