S07 updates

I always wanted to build one of them grandiose structures. So I’m going to go with the Gothic Church. I got some references.


Updated Tue May 16 2017 18:39

Had only references before but didn’t actually plan. Here’s the plan:

And this is what I’m aiming for:

Catedral de Chartres
Updated Wed May 17 2017 09:57

L175: Linking to External Datablocks



Updated Mon May 18

Finished the skeleton. I’m gonna have to make a different set of windows for the upper floor; one with an oculus.

Updated Mon May 19

L179: Better Camera Control

Updated Mon May 21 2017 18:18

I’m loving this modularity concept. I just changed one file (updated window_top) and my church has a whole new look!

Updated Mon May 22 2017 06:14

L181: Relinking Blender Files
I’m using git on linux, so this was my workflow:

  • open src > rename data > save
  • git add src_file > git mv src_file new_src_file
  • open scene > Ctrl+Alt+O src > make proxy > Ctrl+L object data > Blender File (outliner) > del prev filepath > Data-Blocks (outliner) > rename Library > save
  • git commit -a -m “Relinked src to new_src”
    Everything worked out perfectly =)

    Updated Wed May 24 2017 07:45

In the process of adding towers. It may not look like much but there are 5 types of walls on those towers; each with its own style of window.

Updated Wed May 24 2017 19:50

I switched from git to hg, so spent most of today on that. Finally got one spike! It was challenging to get the create circular/polar arrays.

Updated Thu May 25 2017 19:15

Completed Bell Tower skeleton

Updated Fri May 26 2017 08:19

Added roof

Updated Fri May 26 2017 09:21

Added flying buttresses

Updated Fri May 26 2017 15:21

tadaima. Been a while. Raised the top part to accomodate the side roof; added in some spindles. The curve section at the eastern end (altar) was quite a challange. Spent a lot of time, but amply satisfied by the outcome :grin:

I still gotta make those main doors.
Updated Sun Jun 04 2017 00:58


Great work. Raising the standard.

Wow, so much work. Good job.

It’s very impressive !!
Hope you will end this church so I can see the result :wink:

Really sorry about the pause. I started training on some programming languages. Right now it is impossible for me to dedicate any time to the course :pensive:

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It looks awesome, by reading your post I got a better view of what modularity can achieve and I want to thank you for that :wink:


Well it is true that creating something like that is time consuming, but I hope you are doing great in programming language learning !

Cheers !

Hi @Knightfury
How to make the arch wall on the north area?


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