S02L31 snapping tool maya temple ramp

So I extruded the ramp’s big flat surface out and I snapped the top edge to the top step edge. Then I extruded the bottom flat surfaces out, and cut off the extra bit on the bottom long cube that was formed and made new faces on the sides and bottom to neaten it up!

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Hey. When i creating the blocks going up to make the pyramid shape, i never made them the same height. Any easy fix?

Hi! Sure. When you get to the array modifier lesson it will show you how you can select the entire ring of faces at once (choose to select for “faces”, then hold alt key and right click on the edge of the face and it will select all the faces around at the same height) and then it’s just a matter of moving them up and down to suit how tall you want them. If I didn’t explain it too well, that lesson will explain it much better. :smile:

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