Run Unity in Google Cloud?

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I just bought the 3D, 2D, and the full RPG course. Now my Computer is too bad for unity. My Idea is to run Unity in a Google Cloud Server. But I’m not sure how many vCPU‘s and how much Memory do I need. I want to be as minimalistic as possible. On GC I don’t have a GPU.

Not sure if this helps but as far as the editor goes as per the 2019 LTS version docs they require a GPU as a minimum it seems so what you are trying sounds like an interesting project in itself if you can make it work.

I know. But a CPU has in it a little GPU. But my main problem is I dont know how much memory I need and how many cpu cores.

Well my experience with running unity on cpus with onboard graphics has not been great. I have run it on a quad core laptop with onboard graphics and it runs but not too smooth. So while even a dual core might be work I dont think the core count will be the issue. It will be ram because the editor + misc unity processes easily eats up well over 1 Gb or ram on my win 7 system . So you should try for the most RAM you can . I dont see a mention of minimum ram requirements on that page but I think 4 Gb should be enough.

I will test 4 vCPU‘s and 7 GB ram.

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