Rules not working

I can’t get rule tiles to work. First I tried in the latest unity version and it didn’t work. I figured that it should work in the same version that Rick is using so I changed the version to unity 2017.3. Well that didn’t change anything and I still have the same problem.

So basically the tiles don’t follow the rules I’ve set up and work the same as without rules. I have no idea what to do because I’ve done everything exactly the same as in the course…


Try to remove the Tilemap asset including the Rule Tiles and reimport them. Then rewatch the video at least one more time and follow along. Maybe there is/was something missing.

Do not import your game into different versions of Unity because each time you do that, you risk breaking your project.

Make a backup of your project folder by duplicating it. Save the duplicated folder somewhere else, maybe on an USB stick. To save some free space, you could delete the Library and Temp folders in the backup folder.

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