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Hey everyone! Some of you know that I am using Ben’s courses to teach game design to high school students. Right now, they are working on a heavily modified version of Glitch Garden that has a single tower that is player controlled. They use it to shoot incoming waves of enemies.

Their final exams for the year however are a presentation to a board of “investors” that includes a vertical slice of this project, a game design document, and a technical design document. The documents are done and the kids are working on the game. At this point I am trying to create a format for their presentation and develop a rubric to grade that presentation. I am looking for any insight into what a board of investors might look for in all of this to help guide me in helping these kids. Anyone with experience in this area that can offer any insight or point me in any good direction is much appreciated. @Rob @Ben @sampattuzzi @Rick_Davidson

Final Project Guidelines


This is a pretty gigantic topic! I’ve taught this sort of thing at Game Design schools and find that there is a heavy business component if you are looking for realistic investor pitches. The categories would be:

  • Core concept
  • Market analysis
  • Budget to create
  • Revenue projections
  • Team composition
  • Timeline
    and so on.

Now, if you are looking purely at the game’s core concept then I would strongly emphasise finding why the game will stand out and be different from all the other games out there.

As for grading on a rubric, from a board of investors standpoint, its probably things like:

  • Clarity of idea
  • Thoroughness of approach
  • Detailed nature of the planning
  • Passion of delivery

Hope this helps!


This is perfect @Rick_Davidson. Exactly what I needed for this year. This is something I want to develop in following years to include things like a pitch and ROI. For now this is great. Thank you!


Happy to help!


@Rick_Davidson One more question. Just to make sure I’m understanding each of these categories:

  • Clarity of idea – Do you clearly define the core concept and mechanics that make your game unique?
  • Thoroughness of approach – Did you complete adequate research in the desired genre… or… I’m a not quite sure on this one.
  • Detailed nature of the planning – What specific steps did you take in the planning of your project and how did your planning improve or make possible the completion of the project?
  • Passion of delivery – Is your passion evident in the presentation of the project

Is this along the lines you were thinking? Or what changes might you make to these descriptions?


Yep, this looks pretty good!


Its taken me two years but I finally understand the importance of clarity of idea. I’ve been struggling through with a group of students as they have tried to nail down a somewhat unique game idea and start coding. Every major issue that has prevented us from starting serious coding and level design work has stemmed from a lack of clarity in the idea. That in turn has led to a lack of research and an inability to plan much of anything that we can use. We researched and planned but having a clear idea of what the game is seems to be a make or break item!

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