RPG ideas

So I was wondering I took all rpg courses and also made my game a bit better but I have the problem where I dont know how to go on. Then like Rick said there are 1000 of standard RPGs out there. I already spend some money on graphics, so I at least want to make a somewhat finished game out of it. But i am not sure what to do. I love the art style of synth and I want to change the combat system to a combat system were you can block role and attack and dont just stare at the character. But what then I dont have a story. I want a another main feature which makes my game different but I can’t find such a feature. Has anyone ideas?
Thank you for your answers

Each of these things are the intangibles that can propel a game to greatness. Perhaps one of the most important elements is the story. I know my favorite games (almost any Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, the Witcher Series) have powerful well planned stories. Of course, these games all have teams working on them, including teams of story writers. That doesn’t mean a story is impossible for a solo artist. Here’s a link to a plot generator that will give you some random story ideas (seeds, if you will) to get you started.

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