RPG Course, My Take on Healthbars

I didn’t like the big healthbar at the bottom of the screen for the player so I implemented a similar version to what the enemies had, also slightly different implementation for the enemies as well.

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just a heads up / spoiler if you dont mind

The big health bar is changed later to something that fits the UI, and at that time you will be given the chance to implement something different from what the course provides. So dont get hung up on current implementation :). Its just a stand in, while working on damage functionality, energy bar mechanics etc

I’m glad they decided not to stick with that big bar :stuck_out_tongue: I did end up using their asset and just painting it in different colors. I’m not much of an artist unfortunately, so most of the artwork I have to find and manipulate rather than create.

I want to implement unit frames at some point, so each member of the party will have a little icon thing with their portrait and health/mana bars. It’s a struggle to not do too much and to keep following along with the videos without getting side tracked on the ten thousand little things I want to do.

yeah, careful when you get to terrain building / building your level (village) scene… my project spiraled to over 8GB because I kept finding free assets here and there in the store that peaked my interest, and before I knew it two weeks had passed on me working on the same thing :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing. Slowly getting the hang of painting terrain now tho :smiley: I think world building is going to be the most time consuming part of the project by far.

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