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I just finished the 2D course and started on the RPG course but I feel like the ramp up in difficulty is a bit high. Is there another course I should look into taking and then come back or should I just press forward and hope it starts to become more clearer as I progress? I’m currently 14% into the RPG course.

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What is making you feel this way? Is it Unity or the code? Maybe both?

If you are having issues with Unity’s interface and tools:
Take the 3D course, it gets a little deeper into Unity’s interface like the package manager, a little bit of AI, Cinemachine and other tools.

The code is the problem:
If that’s the case then try to make a game from scratch. Don’t make a super big game, make a small one, you’ll learn a lot from that. Don’t focus on the art, focus on doing something you haven’t tried before code wise.

Both things are giving me issues! HELP!:
Take the 3D course and make a full game using one of the projects as the base. The projects of the 3D course feel a little unfinished compared to the 2D course in a sense that you can expand them more easily, this could help you get the coding experience you need to take the RPG course without having a lot of issues.

But I don’t want to lose time on this! I want to do the RPG course!:
Go watch the Saving System videos (just watch, don’t do anything), to me that’s one of the scariest part of the RPG course, see how you feel about them and then make a choice. I gotta be honest, the only courses I know that might get you comfortable with that particular system are even harder than that, nothing easier will actually prepare you for that. Sometimes you just gotta jump.

It’s the code. I’m good with unity and the interface. I’ve completed a lot of the tutorials on the unity learn page ( Ruby’s Adventure, Roll a Ball, Create with code) and I still feel lost. I’d like to make my own small game. I have this old wooden game my dad left me that is a maze with a small steel ball in it. You roll the ball through the maze using handles on the sides to tilt the floor with and get the ball through the maze while avoiding holes.
I’d like to recreate that but I couldn’t even figure out how to get the floor to tilt with arrow key presses on my own. I am doubting if coding is right for me.

Sorry for the late response, for some reason I just got the notification.

Coding is hard, and the only way to actually learn is by practicing, so here’s my advice pick a part of the 2D course (or the whole course if you want) and this time, instead following Rick and writing alongside him, wait until he challenges you, pause the video right there and then procede to catch up with Rick’s code without seeing what he just wrote, this will train your memory and more importantly your logic because you will have a hard time trying to memorize the whole code, you’ll have to actually understand what Rick did to actually replicate it, also, you’ll have to also do the challenge, making this far harder, which is what we want for you to start training those “coding muscles”.

My last tip would be; ask the community, there’s a lot of amazing people that are more than willing to explain and help if you need so. You can even ask someone to make that game you want to make and ask them for the code, you can also learn a lot from that.

I need to realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I’ve only been doing this for about 2 months ( this course for 3 weeks ) and I am not going to learn everything in one go. I’m going to try your suggestion with the platformer part of the course and see what happens.
Thanks for the responses!

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